If you have the Power Add-on in addition to the Experience Add-on you have additional fields that can be displayed with the use of shortcodes and attributes.

Contact Fields

The Power Add-on has Contact Fields that can be associated with your locations for adding internal special  ids  for updates or to add filters. The contact fields will not automatically appear in your results on the front end.

Use the following shortcodes in the results layout to display the contact field data in your results:

[slp_location data.contact]

[slp_location data.first_name]

[slp_location data.last_name]

[slp_location data.title]

[slp_location data.department]

[slp_location data.training]

[slp_location data.facility_type]

[slp_location data.office_phone]

[slp_location data.mobile_phone]

[slp_location data.contact_fax]

[slp_location data.contact_email]

[slp_location data.office_hours]

[slp_location data.contact_address]

[slp_location data.notes]

[slp_location data.introduction]

[slp_location data.year_established]

[slp_location data.county]

[slp_location data.title]

[slp_location data.district]

[slp_location data.region]

[slp_location data.territory]

[slp_location data.contact_image]

[slp_location data.contact_image_html] is a special shortcode that puts the raw contact image URL into an <img> html tag using the contact image value as the image source.   You can use CSS to further refine the image layout including the size, position and other attributes.

Experience results add contact field to layout


To add the attribute for the contact field “Last Name” and/or “Title” to appear in your results you would add the following where you want the field to appear.  The default results layout for plugin style Twenty sixteen rev 5 with the added attributes:

[slp_addon section=primary position=first] [slp_location name] [slp_location uml_buttons] [slp_location gfi_buttons] [slp_location distance_1] [slp_location distance_unit] [slp_addon section=primary position=last]
[slp_addon section=secondary position=first] [slp_location address] [slp_location address2] [slp_location city_state_zip] [slp_location country] [slp_location phone] [slp_location fax] [slp_addon section=secondary position=last]
[slp_addon section=tertiary position=first] [slp_location web_link] [slp_location email_link] [slp_location directions_text] [slp_location hours] [slp_location pro_tags] [slp_location iconarray wrap=”fullspan”] [slp_location eventiconarray wrap=”fullspan”] [slp_location socialiconarray wrap=”fullspan”] [slp_addon section=tertiary position=last]



You may want a separate map showing a specific category that you added using the power add-on. Example:
[slplus only_with_category = “software”]
To add the attribute for the category insert the name of your category between the quotes. Only the category associated with the nomenclature will appear  on the map.

Add Ons That Support This Feature

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