Experience Add-On or Professional level MySLP SaaS

The Experience Add-on  for WordPress SLP plug-in , or the Professional level or higher plan for MySLP Software-as-a-Service application allows you to customize the layouts, the map interface, and the search form to display in a certain manner on the front end of your locator page

Search Layout

Search Layout is found under the Settings tab on the Search panel.

This setting allows the search form layout to be modified via a text setting.   If the Search Layout field is left blank the default search form layout and  your SLP style is used.   If Search Layout is modified the layout will take precedence over most of the Search Form settings  and the basic Store Locator Plus.

You can add page content formatting, including HTML in the Search Layout entry.    Search Layout also processes the Search Layout specific  shortcode slp_search.

Here is an example , adding the word “or” to the search layout with the Experience add-on when using the Selector with address input.

<div id=”address_search”>
[slp_addon location=”very_top”]
[slp_search_element input_with_label=”name”]
[slp_search_element input_with_label=”address”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”city”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”state”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”country”]
[slp_search_element selector_with_label=”tag”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”category”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”gfl_form_id”]
[slp_addon location=”before_radius_submit”]
[slp_search_element dropdown_with_label=”radius”]
[slp_search_element button=”submit”]
[slp_addon location=”after_radius_submit”]
[slp_addon location=”very_bottom”]

Map Layout

Enter your custom map area layout for the Store Locator Plus page.  Must have the [slp_mapcontent] shortcode to where you want Google to put the map. [slp_maptagline] puts the Store Locator Plus tagline in place. Set it to blank to reset to the default layout.   The Map Layout will vary depending on the SLP Plugin style selected.    The above shortcodes do not apply to the Pages add-on , page template. See the Pages Documentation for information on displaying a Map when using the Power add-on

Results Layout

You can change the way the list of locations is rendered by updating the Results  setting under the Settings tab of Store Locator Plus.

Results Layout determines how the location data is displayed  depending on the Plugin Style you choose.   It is a combination of basic HTML and Store Locator Plus short codes.  The Results Layout will vary depending on the SLP Plugin style selected   When a location search is performed, either automatically via “immediate mode” or when a user enters an address, the returned results are formatted using the Results Layout and displayed in the results section below the map.

You can change the way the location data is rendered in the results with various shortcode attributes.   Shortcode attributes come after the field/location data part of the shortcode but before the closing square bracket.  There are a few additional attributes that you can use with a field to help with the formatting of the display results. See shortcodes, attributes and slugs.

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