Included in WPSLP Power only   (This feature is currently NOT available with MYSLP  fully managed software as a service)

Find it under Store Locator Plus | General |APP

Enable Pages turns on the Store Pages (“Pages” or “SEO Pages”) functionality of Store Locator Plus.     Once enabled a new Pages tab will appear under Store Locator Plus Admin Panel menu and the Store Locator Plus | Locations | List will have new entries under bulk actions.

This will allow for the automatic creation and removal of pages by using the Bulk Actions drop down in  Store Locator Plus | Locations | List.  

You will also be able to set default page template attributes, URL formats, and default settings for the SEO-friendly pages.

The pages are data-driven, which means that when you update location details you do not need to regenerate the page.  The new information will automatically be reflected on the page.