Note: Starting in March 2017 you can now pay with a credit card via Stripe.  This will not interact in any way with PayPal and allows you to purchase subscriptions on a credit card.

Store Locator Plus subscriptions or add-ons  can be purchased with a credit card.   To do so go through the normal checkout procedure.   When the PayPal login screen appears choose the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button on the bottom of the screen.   Fill out your details for the credit card information.

This will allow you to make the purchase and have it billed directly to your credit card WITHOUT going through a PayPal account.


Subscription Purchases

Subscription purchases at My Store Locator Plus works using Stripe with the MySLP subscription system so you can pay with credit card without a PayPal account.

Old Premier Subscriptions at WPSLP can be made via PayPal for a short time but due to the failures of PayPal subscription processing , we will now only accept  a credit card using  Stripe services.  New subscriptions should be purchased via credit card through our  STRIPE processing system.